Judith Anne Barton

The Angel Connection
Blue Heron Press, June 2013
Historical fiction, romance, women’s fiction, paranormal, mystical

R. A. Russell


Raising Redemption
Langdon Street Press, May 2013
Family saga, multicultural, women’s ciction, African-American

Peter Wayner


Attention Must Be Paid: But for $800?
CreateSpace, March 2013
Entertainment, economics, Broadway history

SAT Sneak Attack: How Clever Computer Geniuses Hack, Beat and Cheat America’s Most Feared Exam
CreateSpace, March 2014
Education, nonfiction

David Corbett

The Art of Character
Penguin, February 2013

Erin Havel

The Malformation of Health Care: Illness, Insurance, and a Young American’s Struggle for Survival
Amazon Digital Services, October 2012
Health, memoir, consumerism

Phil Duncan

RainTree Press, October 2012
YA, sci-fi, humor

Michael Brown

William & Lucy: A Tale of Suspicion and Love
CreateSpace, October 2012
Historical fiction

David P. Murphy

The Doomsday Survival Book
Sourcebooks, September 2012

Zombies for Zombies: Play and Werk Book
Sourcebooks, October 2010

Humor, satire, geek

Dennis Trainor, Jr.

American Autumn: An Occudoc
Artful Dodger, September 2012
Documentary film, political


Denise Hamilton

Damage Control
Scribner, June 2012
Criminal fiction, mystery, noir

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