Kathryn Leigh Scott

The Happy Hours: How We Brought Joy to My Husband’s Final Days (A Kindle Single)
Grand Harbor Press, June 2017
Memoir, caregiving, elder care, aging

Now With You, Now Without: My Journey Through Life and Loss
Grand Harbor Press, October 2017
Memoir, caregiving elder care, aging

A Welcome Respite: How I Regained My Strength, Patience, and Well-Being While Caregiving
Grand Harbor Press, December 2017
Memoir, Senior travel, caregiving

Last Dance at the Savoy: Life, Love and Caring for Someone with Supranuclear Palsy
Cumberland Press, March 2016
Memoir, health and fitness, caregiving

Jinxed (A Jinx Fogarty Mystery)
Cumberland Press, February 2015
Mystery, suspense, women’s fiction

Down and Out in Beverly Heels
Montlake Romance, March 2013
Mystery, suspense, women’s fiction

Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood
Pomegranate Press, April 2012
Nonfiction, entertainment

Coya Come Home
Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights US Foundation, August 2012
Nonfiction, political history, biography

The Bunny Years
Gallery, September 2011
Nonfiction, entertainment

Dark Passages
Pomegranate Press, August 2011
Fiction, fantasy, romance, paranormal

Mel Ryane

Teaching Will: What Shakespeare and 10 Kids Gave Me That Hollywood Couldn’t
Familius, August 2014
Memoir, education

Judy Strick

Kingdom Come, CA
CreateSpace, May 2014
Psychological mystery, magic realism

Living on the Fault Line: Tales from L. A.
Short Story Series, February-September 2015

Nicole R. Dickson

Here and Again
NAL Accent/Penguin, June 2014
Women’s fiction, literary fiction, time slip, historical fiction

Birds, Bees & Bonobos


Birds, Bees & Bonobos website

March 2014

Michael Lawson, MD & Jessica Del Pozo, Phd

The Gut Solution: For Parents with Children Who Have Recurrent Abdominal Pain & Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lemke Health Partners, January 2014
Health, medical, pediatrics

Dete Meserve

Good Sam
Melrose Hill Publishing, June 2014
Mystery, romance


Monica Parker

OMG!: How Children See God
HCI, October 2015
Religion & Spirituality, Inspirational, Parenting, Families

Getting Waisted: A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society that Loves Thin
HCI, April 2014
Memoir, humor, health

J. D. Horn

The King of Bones and Ashes (Witches of New Orleans)
47North, January 2018

Jilo (a Witching Savannah Prequel) 
47North, April 2016
Urban fantasy, occult, paranormal

The Line (a Witching Savannah Novel)
47North, February 2014
Urban fantasy, occult, paranormal

Wen Yiduo

Stagnant Water & Other Poems
translated by Robert Hammond Dorsett
Bright City Press, January 2014
Poetry, politics

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