Author / The Art of Character

Any writer who thinks he can do everything himself to market his book is living in a dream world. There’s simply no way I could have gotten the word out about my latest book without Darlene Chan’s energy, wisdom, contacts, and savvy. She’s a force of nature and a delight to work with. I can’t imagine doing my next book without her guidance and help. A gem, a dynamo, and a comrade-in-arms all wrapped up in one.


Author / A Child out of Alcatraz (LA Times First Fiction finalist), Reeling Through Life

Darlene is everything a writer could want in a publicist: fearless, tireless, supportive, innovative, impassioned. And – perhaps most important – a true believer in the power and beauty of books!


Author / Damage Control

I highly recommend Darlene Chan. She does her homework, has boundless energy and enthusiasm, is professional but never pushy. She brought me marketing and PR suggestions I hadn’t even considered. And when I did give her leads, she followed up promptly and efficiently. She was very pleasant to work with, always answered my questions quickly and is a generally kind and good person.


Author / The Line, Jilo

Positive, resourceful, nimble in navigating the ever-shifting world of social media, Darlene helped me introduce my Witching Savannah series, which has now gone on to sell over 400K copies. When I wanted to take the series in a different direction, I came back to Darlene to help me to build buzz and cast a wider net by introducing the series to previously untapped readership, while maintaining the confidence of those readers already invested in Witching Savannah. 


KCRW Contributor and Author / Radio Shangri-la

Versatility, resourcefulness and perseverance mark Darlene’s skills in book PR. I have happily recommended authors of various genres in fiction and nonfiction who have all been satisfied by her results. Whatever the book, she finds a way to uncover its niche audience.


Literary Agent, West Coast Associate / Linda Chester Agency

Darlene Chan works like an investigative journalist, studying each book and author’s topic in depth, and then with her major sleuthing chops, she delves deep into the Internet. She brings a lifetime of experience to each project, and her ingenuity and persistence are something to behold. Darlene has the ability to both strategize and then aggressively implement PR that are entirely fresh.


Author / Dark Passages, Dark Shadows: Return to Collinwood, Down and Out in Beverly Heels, Jinxed (A Jinx Fogarty Mystery), Last Dance at the Savoy

Nobody does it better! Darlene’s personal touch is always evident, and you know she’s there for you. Her approach is personal, positive, innovative — and she always sees to it that you are presented at your confident best. I’m thrilled with her website design and her ardent promotion of all my books.


Author / Good Sam

Working with Darlene Chan is a joy! I had the privilege of working with her on my first novel, Good Sam, which has since gone on to sell over 30,000 copies and is being produced as a film for The Hallmark Channel. Darlene had great ideas on how to position my book in social media and worked tirelessly with bloggers to inspire them to review and feature Good Sam. She had many great techniques for helping my book find its audience and for me as the author, to engage with readers.


Literary Agent / Linda Chester Agency

Darlene Chan delivers results. A delightful professional with keen insights; a champion for her clients.


Author / Getting Waisted: How to Survive Being Fat in a Society That Loves Thin

As a first time author, I did my due diligence and took recommendations from many successful authors and agents. Darlene’s name kept coming up, so I called. She was the most generous and well-informed person I spoke to from my many calls to PR agents from coast to coast. I immediately knew I was in safe hands. My few months with her have been fantastic, inspired, creative and collaborative, nurturing and fun. I always felt that Darlene, a true love of books and authors was right by my side, making sure that I had what I needed when I didn’t even know I needed it. I can’t say enough good things. Make the call. You’ll be glad you did!


Author / Year of the Cow: How 420 Pounds of Beef Built a Better Life for One American Family

Darlene is fantastic. Brilliant, inventive, and relentless. A tireless advocate for authors and their creations, and an insightful matchmaker for books and the people who’ll love them. She’ll find opportunities you didn’t know existed and help you present your book’s absolute best face to the world. When your book hits the market, you’ll want her on your team.


Author / 101 Things I Learned in Film School

Darlene rocks! Super smart, thorough, organized, inventive, tenacious, and tireless! Darlene is also cutting edge with social media and finding the best revenue streams for book sales that don’t have to cost her clients an arm and a leg. I always knew she was in my corner and I saw my sales numbers build and sustain.


Co-Author / How to Defeat Your Own Clone

As a first-time author with no previous knowledge of the publishing industry, Darlene was an invaluable resource during the promotional phase of my book. Not only was she immensely enthusiastic and industrious, but she worked alongside my existing publicist to help take advantage of various web-based opportunities that might otherwise have been overlooked. Darlene is a hidden PR gem; highly recommended!


Lead Author / We Wanted to Be Writers

When my book came out, we hired Darlene to handle the publicity. I didn’t know a thing about book promotion at the time, and so working with her was a learning experience, and great fun, especially the “blog tour” she arranged. She also uncovered other unique opportunities to make and keep the title visible, including giveaways, contests,interviews, and book-related events. It was lots of work, but paid off long-term, and, like I say, it was also lots of fun. I recommend her highly.


Author / Aftertaste

Darlene Chan has made the overwhelming task of book promotion seem easy, accessible and fun. She has been invaluable in helping me to identify book and food blogs, engage with the right readers and writers, and create an online presence and forum for my work. Not only is Darlene organized and professional, she has good taste, excellent judgement and business acumen, as well as a deep understanding of the publishing marketplace. Beyond that she is a delight to work with!


Co-Author / How to Defeat Your Own Clone

Darlene is hard-working, energetic, and versatile. She keeps a steady eye on the evolving online landscape and reacts accordingly. An excellent person to have in your corner.


Blogger / Afterthoughts

Darlene Chan fine tunes her client’s voice to pitch perfection. In just a few months she transformed me from Luddite to blogger, from an unknown writer of an unpopular topic to one with thousands of readers.


Author / Doomsday Survival Handbook, Zombies for Zombies, Rapturella and Other Apocalyptic Tales

Darlene Chan PR did a wonderful job helping me to promote my second book. I highly recommend her services!


Autism activist and author / A Regular Guy: Growing Up with Autism

Darlene gets results. She booked three talks for me in a 24 hour period and I sold more books during that time than I normally do in a month!


Web Goddess and Blogger / We Wanted to Be Writers

Darlene seems to know everyone, on- and off-line. She’s an invaluable resource, especially for writers new to social media, conneting them with bloggers, Facebook, and Twitter contacts, a huge community of supportive fellow writers and avid readers. She’s also a relentless advocate for her clients. Every time we did a reading within a hundred miles of her, she showed up! She encourages her new clients to guest post on our blog and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, further broadening her realm of social media, and that of everyone affiliated with her. She’s organized, sticks to deadlines, and her enthusiasm is irresistible.


Literary Agent / The Cynthia Manson Agency

Darlene was diligent and creative in her pursuit to find every possible online avenue to promote and market Kathryn Leigh Scott’s novel ‘Down and Out in Beverly Heels.’


Author / Attention Must Be Paid, But for $800?, SAT Sneak Attack:How Computer Geniuses Hack, Beat and Cheat America's Most Feared Exam

Darlene Chan is a dynamo that understands the quickly morphing world of book publicity. Book stores are disappearing and sites like Goodreads are taking their place. She knows how to push the right buttons on the new machine.


Author / Wax

Using Darlene’s services was a great decision for my book. Her expertise in web-based PR helped get exposure that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I highly recommend her talents to anyone looking for a big-picture approach coupled with personalized attention.


Author / The Angel Connection

As a first time self-published author, Darlene knew everything I didn’t know. She took her expertise and connections and ran with them to every website and blog that might have an interest in a romantic thriller that straddled historical fiction and contemporary women’s fiction, with a dollop of the paranormal. She was at my side (literally) for my very first live Twitter interview. I was scared but she was there and made it fun! I was amazed how instantly she teased and advanced every detail of my book’s progress — finding relevant photos and current events to seduce readers into the world of my characters. She made a difference!


Author / Raising Redemption

I am an independently published, first-time author new to the world of social media. Yet I realized that social media presented the best avenue to get the word out concerning my novel. Darlene made it all happen: setting up my Twitter account and taking full advantage of Facebook. She arranged interviews and reviews, generated likes on Facebook, and added Twitter followers by performing her magic. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to promote their book.


Author / Kingdom Come, CA, Living on the Fault Line: Tales from L. A. (short stories series)

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful experience it’s been, working with Darlene Chan, a dynamo who introduced me, and my debut novel, Kingdom Come, CA, to the intricate and unfamiliar world of social media.She’s totally plugged into the new world of publishing, and the myriad outlets that are available to the independent writer. She’s helped me build a website, and learn to tweet — something I fought tooth and nail. She’s built a readership base for me, a strong foundation, and given me the tools to continue on my own. And I’ve always had her full attention and patient help. I’m looking forward to working with her on my next novel.


Author / Teaching Will

 When my first book was published I realized I needed help navigating the waters of book promotion. Darlene Chan was recommended to me as someone who would kill for my memoir, be straight up about what she could do on its behalf, and increase sales. Darlene succeeded on all fronts and I’m so grateful she agreed to be on my team. She set up social media in way that I could maintain, she definitely heightened my Amazon rank and she was an entire joy to work with. No author, from the seasoned to the newly published, can hope to promote their book all alone. Get Darlene on your team.


Author / The Fabric of Eternity

Darlene bravely accepted a significant challenge with my book which is in a niche genre. Finding channels to get the message out to interested readers has been a difficult research project and Darlene blazed the trail as a first rate researcher. Our work together has been intensely interactive, which made it effective, eye opening, and always fun! Darlene turned every stone throughout the project. I am a novice in this field but with Darlene’s helping hand, we have already achieved more with my book than either of us had originally anticipated. I highly recommend Darlene to anybody with ambitions to self-publish the first or any number of times.


Author / An Invincible Summer

 From the beginning, Darlene made things happen. She increased my presence on Facebook and Twitter and other social media. She was able to secure live podcast interviews, as well as guest blog appearances, all which helped to increase my awareness and boost sales of my book. What impressed me most was she didn’t stop promoting my book when our agreement ended. One of the interviews she had been trying to secure for me didn’t happen until months later, but she continued to work with me until the interview was completely lined up. What I especially appreciated was how she encouraged me to begin writing and maintaining a blog, which I had been hesitant to do. So I followed her advice and started writing a blog, which has been well received.  Working with Darlene was a blessing.


Literary Manager, Editor & Founder /

 As a literary manager and editor, I trust Darlene to take the next step with my writer clients and handle all things PR. From lining up interviews with news outlets and blogs, to guiding navigation of the various social media platforms — Darlene does it all seamlessly, and more. Best of all, Darlene is nimble in her approach such that each project and author is handled according to the current needs. Whether debut novelists or experienced authors, I recommend Darlene. She has her finger on the pulse that is the forever-changing landscape of literary public relations.


Author / Black Sails White Rabbits; Cancer Was the Easy Part

Darlene knows exactly what she is doing. It’s rare to find an effective blend of old school industry wisdom and bleeding edge media options savvy. Not only does Darlene have these, she can teach you both while she gets results!